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Best Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pens of 2021

Best Delta-8 THC Pens 2021 (blue ribbon 11)

The world of CBD has taken a drastic turn in recent years. As society opens its minds to alternative measures in all aspects of life, CBD is popping up more and more as a solution for healthier and happier lifestyles.

Ever since the 2018 Farm bill was passed, many budding entrepreneurs were able to go to market with CBD. Of course, this being a fairly new way of life, very stringent measures had to be put in place to allow complete control during this transition.

To date, there have been various ways of introducing Delta 8 THC cannabis oils into our bloodstream. Edibles, tinctures, and even creams! In this article, however, we will be reviewing the best possible Delta 8 disposable vape pens.

Inhalation of Delta 8 THC has been thought to be the quickest way to get into your bloodstream as there is no digesting period. You just inhale and let your lungs do the rest.

Another benefit of the disposable pens is that it isn’t raw cannabis. This means that there is not any unpleasant burnt cannabis taste or smell to go with it.

Amongst all the vaping devices out there, the Delta 8 vape pens have been growing more in popularity. They have a modern look and are easy to store. Delta 8 THC Vape pens also come in various flavors. This allows for better customization of your lifestyle.

As with any new opportunity in the market, there are hundreds if not thousands of different Delta 8 THC vape pens to choose from. This can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for new users who have not quite grasped all the terminology as yet.

So, we have already done all the grunt work for you and reviewed hundreds of different Delta 8 pens, shortlisted them, and narrowed it down to the top four Delta 8 THC vaping pens available.

Top 4 Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens Are:

1. Delta EFFEX - Best Value & Editor’s Choice

2. Bearly Legal - Top- Quality Delta 8 THC Vape Pen

3. Poplar Creek Farms - Most Organic Delta 8 THC

4. MoonWlkr - Best Exotic Flavors of Delta 8 THC

Types of Delta 8 THC Vape Pens?

THC Delta 8 pens are slim, stylish e-cigarettes that come with pre-filled cartridges that hold the CBD concentrate. There is also a heating coil that converts the concentrate into vapor.

There are typically 2 forms of Delta 8 THC pens:

1. Disposable

These THC Delta 8 pens come pre-fitted with a full vape cartridge. They can only be used once which need to be disposed of. You cannot replace the cartridge or charge the heating coil.

2. Refillable/Reusable

These THC Delta 8 vape pens are rechargeable, and the cartridge can be replaced when empty. So instead of replacing the whole pen, you can just get yourself a new cartridge and charge the Delta 8 pen.

The Steps We Took to Source the Best Vape Pens Available

Below we are going to break down in a step-by-step guide exactly what we did to get you a list of the best Delta 8 pens:

We wasted no time and only reviewed the popular brands of THC Delta 8

We checked to see how beneficial each of these products was to you and the buyer

We liaised with the professionals, asking some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry what their thoughts were on the matter

We had a peek at the user experience, reading all reviews

Surveys were sent out, asking consumers what they thought were the best vape pens

We ensured only all-natural ingredient pens were on the list

We checked out the quality of these products, sourcing only pens that have a certificate of analysis, tested by 3rd party laboratories available on their website

Lastly, we made sure these products were not too heavy on the pocket by comparing the affordability

Enough talking about how we got to where we did; it is time to dive deeper into the vape pens that made the top four.

Top 4 Best Delta-8 Vape Pen [Reviews]

#1. Delta EFFEX - Best Value & Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview

Committed to delivering variety, Delta EFFEX came up with 3 different flavors on their disposable vape pens. Two of these pens are of the indica sort, and the third is a hybrid.

The watermelon Zkittles Premium Delta 8 THC and the Guava purp premium delta 8 THC disposable vape pens are of the indica blend. Whereas the insane punch premium delta 8 THC disposable vape pen is a hybrid.

All three Delta 8 THC pens are rechargeable but not refillable, meaning you will still need to buy new ones when the concentrate runs out. This product comes with a tiny LED light to tell you when it needs to be charged if it is charging properly, and also when it is fully charged. The light is also used to make sure the pen is working by lighting up when activated.

Different hemp derived terpenes are used for each product to get the acquired taste. These terpenes are listed on their website for your perusal if needed.

All products are Delta 8 THC certified, containing less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC and all certificates of analysis are freely available on their website.


It looks modern and stylish

They offer different types of flavors

They offer transparency on all contents


Even though the Delta 8 THC pen is rechargeable, it still needs to be disposed of when the e-liquid runs dry.

Customers Opinion

User experience delivers a 5 out of 5 on this product, averaging 5 stars from all people who have tried, tested, and enjoyed the product. Comments included that the flavor was not too strong to overpower the Delta 8 THC pen but enough to make it enjoyable.

Our Opinion

Delta EFFEX delivers well on their style, availability, and range concerning all Delta 8 THC products. It is one of the reputable brands that offers the best delta 8 carts. We give this product a massive check-in of the Delta 8 THC pens to our own catalog. The site is very captivating, drawing our attention to their wide range of products. The track order option helps ease anxiety and anticipation of wandering where exactly our order is.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Discount

#2. Bearly Legal - Top-Quality

Brand Overview

The Slim Vape bar is exactly what it says, slim enough to be discrete. There’s no charging or refilling on this type of Delta 8 THC pen, leaving the opportunity to shed unnecessary weight and design it to be really small.

The vape bar is designed for the high viscosity of the Delta 8 distillate, providing huge clouds of smoke on every puff. Different flavors of Delta 8 THC will be available soon; however, they are just sticking to the classic OG Kush for now.

Massive discounts are applied when buying this item in bulk, anything from 5 to 20 percent off. The vape pen comes equipped with a 350mAh battery and a fancy, Bearly Legal logo laser engraved on the side. Let's move onto the pros and cons list for better insight.


It is quite light and discrete

They offer discounts on bulk orders

Offers free shipping with orders over $50

Comes with unique OG Kush flavor

High viscosity, generating a more concentrate on a pull

Very few side effects


It is only available in a single flavor. So, if you like to have different flavors, this might not be for you.

Not rechargeable or refillable

Customers Opinion

With only one 4-star review in a sea of 5-stars, it is safe to assume that their Delta 8 THC products are rather popular with the consumer. Customers seem to be happy with the fact that with the disposable pen, there isn't any extra baggage that goes with the bar. The high viscosity appealed to consumers, saying they were content after 3 to 4 puffs.

Consumers were also more than ecstatic with the Delta 8 THC pens' cost and the delivery time taken to get to their front door. Dynamite comes in small packages according to the consumers. Even though stylish and discrete, it delivers a rather devastating blow when activated.

Other people said it was exactly like the Delta 9 THC, minus all the negative side effects. One particular gentleman stated that he uses it for anxiety and does not receive paranoia in return unlike after using Delta 9 THC. All in all, people were happy with what it was designed for, a slim, discrete pen that wasn't cumbersome.

Our Opinion

We like the originality of the flavor choice. Instead of going with the classic fruity flavors, Bearly Legal thought outside of the box and attempted to make the experience as close to real as possible with their OG Kush flavor. We also like the fact that it is easily stored and discrete.

We cannot wait to hear what other interesting flavors will be put into production. There is a massive disclaimer at the end of the page, stating the age laws and who is and who isn't allowed to buy it. There is a whole list of other warnings that follow suit.

Such as not to use it while pregnant or nursing, it is to be used exactly as directed on the instruction label, and you should definitely check with your local doctor before buying any CBD products. Bearly legal has a variety of CBD products for sale, not only the pens.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Bearly Legal for the Best Discount

#3. Poplar Creek Farms - Most Organic

Brand Overview

Poplar creek farms have taken an extra step in the direction of user safety. Their product contains no additives or flavorings, as they are eliminating any aspect of the vaping pens that may cause popcorn lung.

This vaping pen follows the rules and regulations just like the other ones we discussed. It has less than 0.3% THC and all the certifications to prove it. The design of the vaping pen from Poplar creek farms is undoubtedly one to boast for its originality. It has a stainless-steel post, pyrex glass container, and a micropore ceramic coil.


Original design

The “healthier” alternative to other vaping pens

Small size for discrete handling

Free shipping if you spend more than $15


No flavorings

Customers Opinion

There’s not much to be said, except all customer reviews on poplar creek farms boast a 5-star average.

Our Opinion

This being the health-conscious method to go, that definitely got our attention. Although to sacrifice our favorite flavors may be up for discussion. Its unique design aided us hugely in recommending this product, mixing things up a bit in the world of cannabis.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Poplar Creek Farms for the Best Discount

#4. MoonWlkr - Best Exotic Flavors

Brand Overview

Finally, the vaping pen we chose out there for all you waste-not people. To the moon vaping pen is refillable and can change out the batteries when it dies. So, you never have to worry about buying a whole new pen again, just cartridges and batteries. The wear and tear stuff.

The cartridges come in 2 flavors, Sour lemon haze and strawberry gelato. You also get to choose the battery you need. Either a 450mAh or the longer-lasting 650mAh battery.

MoonWlkr has delivered lab results not only for their product in general but specific to each flavor…. Allowing you a more in-depth look at what you are buying. There's even some educational material to enlighten you more on delta-8 THC, as well as an FAQ section.


It is reusable, only changing the battery and cartridge when needed

It comes in 2 delicious flavors

Very discrete


Costly to begin with

Customers Opinion

All customers who reviewed this product had only good things to say. It helped several people live their daily life, from anxiety to PTSD. It also assisted a lot with all the insomniacs out there trying to get some sleep. Even though some orders were a little late for some consumers, they settled on the fact that it was way worth the wait.

Even though this pen is rather costly, it still works out cheaper than purchasing from the dispensary. A potent taste, but no hemp plant taste whatsoever. Some consumers who have used Delta 9 THC pens previously prefer the delta-8 route.

Even though less potent than the delta 9 THC, it still packs quite a powerful punch. Some people do use this product to get to the moon, while others just use it to get through the day. The bottom line is that consumers love these vaping pens and are also excited to test out all the other products MoonWlkr has to offer.

Our Opinion

We enjoy the transparency of this product. Moonwlkr is considered as one of the best delta 8 gummies brands on the market. Giving the shopper all the information they could need and want. We like how they went the extra mile to test each flavor cartridge separately. It may be a bit pricey to begin with; however, we think that it is an excellent investment.

-> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MoonWlkr for the Best Discount

Buying Guide For Vaping Pen

We have put together an all-inclusive guide on your methodology and thought process when making your purchase. It is hard to judge exactly what you are getting with a good like this, fairly new to the market.


As with anything we consider before buying, we look at what's inside first. Even if it is popping down to the grocery store, you will always look for what you may be allergic to. You will look to see what's in it to try and determine how it is going to taste, and you look at all the sugar components… So, you do not gain too much weight too quickly.

This goes the same for finding the perfect vaping pen; you want to make sure that whatever is inside is not going to kill you. You want to make sure that it is going to be pleasant tasting, and you also need to make sure that there is nothing in the product that may be highly detrimental to your health. So before buying the vaping pen you have had your eye on, check first.


This aspect of the buyer's guide is more for the seasoned vaping community. Beginners will be more than happy with just pulling on the pen and inhaling. More seasoned vapers who have used delta 9 will want to control their intake, along with other things. Temperature control, for example, would be one point of the pen beginners would be even too scared to touch.

You are also going to want to invest in a pen that turns off automatically when not in use. Not only for obvious safety reasons but also for economic reasons too. No point in buying a disposable vape pen if you are going to accidentally drain the battery on the first day. Another point to consider in terms of functionality is the battery life of the vaping pen.

Slighter bigger pens will offer you a much longer battery life and compromise and the discrete attribute of the pen. Some of these vaping pens can burn out more than just e-liquids and are designed for the combustion of various materials. These will push up the price, so make very sure you know what you want before committing to a highly priced product.

Hemp Source and Extract Types

Just as it is with ingredients, you are going to want to know where the e-liquid comes from. Non-GMO hemp farming is the route you want to stick with. You are also going to want to look at the extract type, depending on what exactly you are going to need it for.

Full Spectrum CBD extracts are full of components (Legal in some states, of course). These include cannabinoids, terpenes, flavorings, and trace amounts of THC. Amounts lower than 0.3%.

Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate extraction methods are free of any Delta 9 THC.

Non-GMO farming practices protect you from any additives or pesticides that go into the growing and harvesting hemp plants.

Third-Party Lab Testing

As we said at the beginning of this article, it would be wise to always check out each brand's certificate of analysis. This is where you will be able to see how good the quality is and how potent it will be. You can also use this to address any safety concerns you may be having like if it's federally legal . What do you look out for?

Well, firstly, take note of the chemical composition. If the website says that it is only a Delta-8 isolate, only Delta-8 THC should show up on the certificate. Also, do not be cheated out of all the other things promised to you if you intend to buy a full-spectrum CBD product.

You are also going to want to look at the certificate to see how potent it is. All compounds will be written as milligrams per or as a percentage of the extract.

Take a look at the presence of pesticides and additives to see if the product is truly a non-GMO farmed product. Take a look at how high the impurities are on the certificate too. If heavy metals are detected in the laboratory tests, then you know that the extraction process wasn’t successful or pure enough.

Reputable Brands Only

This one is a no-brainer. This guide point applies to all products you buy in life. You may save a few bucks buying a lesser-known brand of soap, for example.

You will ultimately be paying an even higher price when the rash breaks out from harmful chemicals used in that soap, cutting costs.

It is especially important to remember that when buying a vaping pen, not only for quality but for your safety too.


Slightly contradictory to the previous point, price is also something to take into consideration. This doesn't necessarily mean source out the cheapest possible vaping pen, but rather draw up a budget and plan on buying a reputable yet affordable vaping pen. Don't cheap out; you may end up regretting it.

Remember to also keep in mind the costs involved for the long term. Every week's $20 disposable vape pens may work out more expensive than a $100 reusable vape pen. Weigh up all pros and cons and take it from there.

Calculate if you have to, to see how much you'd spend on that particular product if you decide to go with it. Find the sweet spot-on budget and functionality. Don't spend $500 on a complex vaping pen that can do just as much as a $100 pen can. However, don't waste $10 a shot buying subpar vaping pens, causing you more stress and anxiety.

FAQs About Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens

Q. How Do I Use My Vape Pen the Right Way?

Concerning disposable Delta 8 vaping pens, it is just a matter of pulling on the Delta 8 pen when needed. Chuck it in the trash when it has run out. However, it becomes a bit tricky when dealing with a reusable vaping pen.

The first thing you have to do when you change the cartridge is to prime the coil, just as you would do to a car’s engine when replacing the oil. Just not as complicated. All you have to do is dab tiny drops of the Delta 8 oil onto the wick to prevent the coil from overheating and burning out. You are killing two birds with one stone on this one, as it will also drastically improve the taste.

The second thing would be the method of inhalation. Quick, small drags of the Delta 8 pen might get you a head rush, but it is not going to give you the full effect of the pen. At the cost of depleting the e-juice at a faster rate, you want to take long full pulls on the pen. This will help you achieve the vape pen's full effect and release bigger, thicker vapor clouds.

Not all vape pens are the same. Some are activated when you take a pull of the pen, while others work by pushing a button. The pens activated by taking a drag are definitely the easiest form to use but offer less in the way of functionality. The push-button-type vape pens need to be turned on before using them.

While this type of Delta 8 pen is not advisable, it offers you more control over how you inhale the delta-8 CBD oils. These buttons allow you to adjust the voltage to your liking. This may work in your favor but may also turn against you, as explained in the FAQ below.

Don’t forget to properly prime your vape coil when replacing a cartridge on reusable vape pens.

Always start taking a small puff to gauge the effects and potency of your vape pen. Also, start on the lowest voltage first; you can always turn it up. You can't go back if you overheat and burn out the coil.

However, some of the newer cartridges use ceramic coils to handle a higher voltage before burning out. Remember to never add tincture to your vape pen; this is very important and discussed in further detail with the safety aspects below.

Q. How Do I Practice Safety with A Delta 8 Pen? Are Delta 8 disposables safe?

There aren't really any safety precautions when it comes to Delta 8 pens. It is rather difficult to burn the house down when the coil is on the inside of the pen and only activated when in use.

It is better for your lungs, too; there is no combustion of dried leaves that make their way into your body. If you are still not convinced, take a look at the tips below to put your mind at ease.

Make sure you are only buying pens that have gone through laboratory testing.

Under no circumstances should you use CBD tinctures as an e-liquid refill.

New to vaping? Take it slow, work your way from there.

Do not leave your pen unattended when in charge and keep the pen from overheating.

Keep everything vape-related away from metallic objects.

Replace the battery if and when it is needed

We would like to reiterate that it is highly not advisable that you use Delta-8 tinctures as an e-liquid for your vape pen. This is because tinctures have special carrier oils in their compositional profile. Hemp oil and MCT.

When these carrier oils are heated up and vaporized, they have the potential to cause very serious diseases such as lipoid pneumonia. This is because these oils are not easily absorbed into the bloodstream through your lungs. They then sit there, not moving at all, attracting all kinds of bacteria, breeding it as time goes on.

In actual fact, very few oils are safe to vaporize as they are not able to be absorbed by our lungs, so let's count our blessings that CBD and THC are among those that are safe. This is why popcorn lung is also a massive problem with those that smoke e-cigarettes.

Q. What’s the Right Temperature Setting for My Reusable Delta 8 Pen?

The experienced users may opt for a pen with a temperature setting to fine-tune their vaping experience. For a beginner, though, rather just stick to the manufacturer settings and enjoy. If you do insist on playing around with different temperature settings now, keep it between 290- and 482-degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures below 290 may not turn our e-liquid into vapor efficiently enough, ruining the experience. Temperatures that are too high, even in the upper range.

Temperatures between 420(pun intended) and 450 degrees Fahrenheit can burn out the coil quicker by overheating it too much. This will lead to unnecessary expenses and a horrible burnt taste in your mouth.

Conclusion - What is the best Delta 8 pen?

Wll products relating to CBD have amazing healing and relaxing properties. However, vaping takes the cake on extreme relaxation, with the CBD oils immediately entering your bloodstream, along with the satisfying feeling of the vapor pouring down your lungs.

Always consult a medical professional before embarking on any venture relating to vapor inhalation or any use of CBD oils. Better to be safe than sorry! So, go out and buy one. If you end up being happy with the purchase you made, having followed our guidelines, then sit back and enjoy. We recommend Delta EFFEX as the best choice for a disposable vape pen.

Mix it up a bit, try different flavors. Change your brand every now and then until you find the one that is suited for you. Experiment between disposable and reusable pens, ones that you can charge and ones you cannot. When you have finally found the pen that works for you, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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