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Best Instant Arousal Pills For Women: Top 5 Sex Enhancers To Bring The Sexy Back

Best Instant Arousal Pills for Women (blue ribbon 10)

Facing a significant decline in your sexual desires, but can’t seem to find an effective solution? Perhaps, you are hesitant about trying out a new product or libido enhancers and are dreading its side effects.

Well, the good news is: these best female libido booster solutions are 100% natural and free of side effects!

Sounds unconvincing, doesn’t it?

We are sure you're going to think otherwise by the end of this article. This piece outlines the top five best female enhancement supplements that are not only effective but also safe. Each of these options is clinically tested and backed by authentic studies.

We have done the research so you can end yours. Bid farewell to all the futile remedies you may have come across and pick one that is 100% legit!

Top 5 Best Instant Female Arousal Pills

Cannot wait for the detailed reviews? Take a quick peek at the 5 best female libido boosters:

1. Provestra - Best Female Libido Enhancer & Editor’s Pick

2. Vigorelle - Best Instant Female Arousal Gel

3. Hersolution Pills - Best for Orgasm Intensity

4. Hersolution Gel - Improves Vaginal Dryness

5. Scream Cream - Enhance Female Sexual Desire

Choosing female arousal pills requires a meticulous understanding of the products. From its effects and benefits to ingredients, you have to learn about the arousal pills specifications before putting your finger on one. Walk through this section to find all about the features, pros, and cons of all the female arousal products in the market.

#1. Provestra - Best Female Libido Enhancer Pills

If you are more comfortable with the idea of taking a pill or a supplement as opposed to a gel, this one's for you. Provestra is a sex-enhancing pill recommended by top doctors and physicians!

This brand is renowned when it comes to products used to increase sexual arousal and pleasure. Provestra has delivered its products to almost 300,000 people around the globe within the span of 12 years.

Furthermore, this is safe to consume by women of any age. Plus, it helps greatly in terms of increasing your libido during penetration or even foreplay.


High-quality herbs and nutrients

Helps in recovery from chemical imbalances

No side effects

Coined as the safest libido boosting supplement

It causes regular periods after long term use too


Some people find the taste a little peculiar

Some complain of having trouble sleeping


Many supplements were found in the market that used additives and colors to bring about the results needed. However, Provestra is made from the most popular organic ingredients found in the market and ensures they are balanced in terms of quantity.



Red Raspberry

Ginger root

Black Cohosh root

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How Does It Work?

There are very few sex supplements that use Ginger Root and Black Cohosh Root – both have a long history of fighting PMS and various other menopausal symptoms that a woman faces in her lifetime. The other ingredients are great as suppliers of energy too.

Once you consume the pills, the ingredients present in them stimulate parts of your body that are responsible for producing more hormones and chemicals that help during sex. This creates a natural lubricant and directly helps in increasing your s-drive.

Provestra was designed so that all of the inconsistent and troublesome features of the female hormones are looked after perfectly. It has been known as the safest libido booster and contributes significantly in bringing about unmatched arousal. The side effects, too, are absolutely zero!


Produces long term results

Take 1 pill each day

No dangerous chemicals

Not to be taken more than the recommended daily amount


Due to the naturally occurring materials that it contains, there is absolutely no issue when it comes to consuming the pill daily. Therefore, doctors and makers suggest swallowing a pill once a day for greater consistency and long-term results.

After 7 days, you are likely to see a massive increase in your sexual appetite and drive.

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Customer Reviews

Customers who used this pill ended up feeling a lot more confident and excited during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, sometimes even forgetting to consume them daily resulted in the same effects.

#2. Vigorelle- Best Female Arousal Gel

This one is a must-try in case you wish to indulge and focus on your fantasies. Vigorelle female arousal gel aims to help you experience the most mind-blowing and natural orgasms ever!

This brand is known for its instantaneous and quick results. Therefore, no matter what you are looking to achieve, you will not have to go through the entire ordeal of trying new things, dealing with odors, or waiting for the effect to start kicking in.

Vigorelle comes devoid of any strong smell and also helps massively in increasing lubrication during your orgasm. Therefore, the penetration that once felt forced and hurtful will now be the most heavenly thing in the world.

The name that will be imprinted on your credit card statement will be ‘leadinghealth.com’ – a platform for top quality products with natural ingredients that are highly affordable!


Extremely safe to use

67-days return policy

Most ingredients derived from herbs

Non-greasy or sticky

Daily use dramatically helps during penetration


It might result in an itchy sensation sometimes


The medical faculty at Vigorelle believes in embracing natural herbs and materials to make a pleasure as natural as possible too. You can also see this idea reflected in the list of ingredients of the arousal gel:

L-Arginine HCL

Ginkgo Biloba

Horny goat weed

Tongkat Ali

Wild Yam

Damiana leaf

Aloe Vera Gel

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How Does It Work?

The major ingredient to look at here is the Ginkjio Biloba, a natural herb used by the Chinese to help treat depression and female sexual dysfunction. Ginkgo Biloba plays the role of increasing estrogen in women , thereby leading to greater arousal through gel.

The best part is that women of all ages can make use of this product due to the minimal side effects and adversities it causes. What's more is that the cream is also edible due to the ingredients it uses.

When used, it emanates a fresh minty scent that is devoid of any artificial additions or flavors. Simply massaging it gently on the tissues surrounding your genitals is enough to do the job. Furthermore, it becomes activated by water, thus making it simple to wash off after use.


It can be used by women of all ages

Only a tiny amount needed

Provides instant result

No added colors

Made of natural ingredients


Since there is no doctor’s prescription required to use Vigorelle, you can try it yourself and decide how you wish to go about it. The makers recommend applying the tiniest amount to your mucus membrane, which falls right below your clitoris.

One thing to keep in mind is to rub it in so that the absorption process is quicker. Another important factor is that you do not need to wait for the effect to kick in like most pills!

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Customer Reviews

Customers experience an increase in sexual sensation and a rejuvenating feeling after constant use as well as a substantial increase in libido and sexual desire. Couples have also reported that the gel has allowed them to become more open and happier in their relationship!

#3 Hersolution Pills - Best for Orgasm Intensity

Now that you know how trustworthy and reputed Hersolution is in terms of libido boosting products, it is time to take a look at their pills. The best part about these pills is that customers also receive a free tube of Hersolution gel to make sure the pleasure is something they’ve never experienced before.

Since it is a product of the same health company, this one too is tried and tested by leading doctors. These pills take care of all the painful symptoms and experiences that can hinder the sexual drive of women.

Therefore, Hersolution aims to target each problem separately with the ingredients that it uses. What’s more is that experts suggest seeing changes in their sexual appetite only seven days after consuming the pill every day. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?


Increased formation and release of sex hormones

Devoid of any side effects

It comes with a free Hersolution arousal gel

Approved by specialists

Increases oxygen level throughout sex


It could result in acne for some women

Expensive compared to other libido boosting products


Hersolution believes that artificial materials can only boost your libido for so long before the same side effects are seen massively. Therefore, they have successfully employed a range of organic ingredients that provide long-term as well as promising results including women suffering from Hypoactive sexual desire disorder .



Ginkgo Biloba

Mucuna Pruriens

Epimedium Sagittatum

=> Click Here to Know more about the Ingredients of Hersolution Pills

How Does It Work?

Have you ever heard of something called the horny goat weed to fight feelings of sexual dysfunction and uncertainty? This is exactly what the Hersolution pill uses. Epimedium Sagittatum is a multi-faceted ingredient that contributes in a lot of ways to your pleasure and helps to overcome Hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

It does the job of increasing your blood pressure, thus making you more excited and ready for penetration. The estrogen that it contains is also responsible for reversing an inhibition faced in the production of the sex hormone in females.

Not only that, but these pills focus immensely on the sensation during sex. Therefore, the ingredients make sure to work their magic in terms of maximizing the lubrication that is naturally produced. There are also age-old flowers that make any tiredness you might feel disappear.


Natural and inventive ingredients

Tackles the sensory feeling directly

It does not require a prescription before use

Pill to be taken once a day


When you order one box of tablets, you will see 30 supplement pills inside. Thus, founders have stated that the best pace to go about it is to take one medicine each day. While the first few days might be rough in terms of bodily changes and hormonal effects, you are sure to experience a boost in libido and the sensory experience immediately after!

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Customer Review

Whoever has used this product has come back claiming they’re satisfied and happier with their sex life. They also shared that the effects of the pill were quick and helped reduce feelings of sadness before and after sex for some.

Go ahead and try it out!

#4. Hersolution Gel - Improves Vaginal Dryness

This arousal gel, too, is one of the best typical stimulators you will ever come across in the market. Its key feature is that the company acknowledges the hormonal changes and struggles females face as they age.

Hersolution Gel firmly believes in the importance of female pleasure and arousal and therefore incorporates only the best features to combat vaginal dryness and menopause. While mental problems lead to a decreased libido, sometimes the issue needs to be solved physically.

This is where the Hersolution gel kicks in. It is an incredibly safe product to use if you are looking to make your sex life better and reduce vaginal dryness! It also comes with a 100% secure and secretive check-out option, free shipping, and a 67-day return policy. All the more reason to get your hands on it!


Natural ingredient based

Lowers menopausal symptoms

It ends with a powerful arousal

Aloe Vera causes more outstanding lubrication

Great customer policy


Users might experience some discomfort the first few times


All the ingredients used to make this gel are completely natural and are devoid of anything that can harm your skin or increase vaginal dryness. Each has a specific job — from increasing the flow of blood, relaxing tissues, and releasing more dopamine. Ultimately, however, all of them contribute to producing an unmatchable s-drive.

Here are the ingredients used:


Botanical essence

Menthol USP


Shea Butter

Aloe Vera

=> Click Here to Know more about the Ingredients of Hersolution Gel

How Does It Work?

One of the most essential ingredients used here is the amino acid L-Arginine. This is something that has a history of being extremely helpful in increasing s-drive. The way it does this is by relaxing the tissues that surround your genitals. Once that is done, the flow of blood increases significantly.

After this happens, you will naturally experience increased arousal. Once your body gets the signal that you are aroused, it starts producing a natural lubricant, thus increasing your libido and drive. The dopamine used is a hormone that makes you feel increasingly happy and great during sex.

The ingredients used also help significantly in combating issues women face during and post-menopause such as irregular periods, hot flashes, and mood swings. All in all, the gel is extraordinarily prompt in making you undergo arousal in no time.


Combats stress and age-related issues

Result is seen instantly

It can be used by all women

Increases dopamine


All you need to do is get comfortable and take a tiny amount of cream. Post this, gently apply it around the muscles that surround your clitoris and vagina. Once this is done, you will notice the effect taking place immediately. Ensure that you do not apply too much at once, and move your fingers as delicately as possible.

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Customer Reviews

Users have lauded how comfortable it is to use the product and regard it for delivering everything it promises.

#5. Scream Cream - Enhance Female Sexual Desire

Scream Cream is one of the most effective transdermal treatments for enhancing female s-drives. That means it is a cream for external use that absorbs into the skin and works on the body tissues without entering the bloodstream. Therefore, it is one of the safest options available.

What makes Scream Cream a legitimate option is that it is a prescription drug. You have to first consult a doctor and obtain a prescription to purchase the libido booster from any online pharmacy.

Another excellent feature of this cream is that it starts working within a few minutes of application. It functions by improving the blood flow around the genital sections, increasing your s-drive and the ability to achieve orgasm. Moreover, the effects last for up to 30 minutes or more.


Its usage significantly increases sexual satisfaction

Helps heighten the intensity of orgasms as well as the frequency

Improves sensitivity that in turn boosts sexual pleasure

Notable hype in sexual desire and libido

Makes you naturally wet, ensuring pain-free sex

Improved overall sexual performance


Might exhibit minor side effects like redness and itchiness, if it does not suit you

Regular use may lead to headache in some cases


You must learn all about the ingredients of a product before you actually start using it. It transparently displays its composition to keep you in the light. The cream comprises five primary elements, four of which are vasodilators while one is a bronchodilator.



Elgoroid Mesylate


Sildenafil Citrate

How Does It Work?

Sildenafil Citrate is a general Viagra (bronchodilator) that works by dilating your blood vessels. Therefore, the cream relaxes the veins and arteries around your clitoris, allowing higher blood flow. This way, you feel more aroused, and your vagina can perform better during sexual activities.

Besides, the other ingredients, too, work by adding nitric oxide to your blood. It combats the low oxygen levels in the blood and ensures proper transportation of blood in the sexual area. Furthermore, the cream addresses issues like blood clots, substance accumulation in the veins, blood platelets clump, and more.

It works by aiding the functionality of the female genital parts quite instantly. It stimulates the clitoral area so that sex becomes more pleasurable for you. Additionally, it helps relax your muscles and increase their sensitivity to heighten your orgasm intensity further.


The cream is for topical solution only

Needs to be applied around the clitoral and genital areas of women

Works by enhancing blood flow

Exhibits effects instantly, within 15-20 minutes

Boosts female sexual desire and performance

Helps relax muscles


Itt is relatively easy to use. All you have to do is take a pearl-sized amount of the cream on your fingers, which is about 1/4 ml, and gently massage it all around your clitoral area. The best way is to apply it around 20 minutes before you expect to have sexual activity. Once you use the cream, its effects will last at least up to 30 minutes or even an hour if you’re lucky!

Customer Reviews

Customers report no side effects even after regularly using them for as long as 4 months. Furthermore, they confirm a visible improvement in sexual performance with intensified orgasms and higher satisfaction.

Note: Avoid usage if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Buyers Guide For Female Arousal Pills

Have you already picked your female arousal product? Well, choosing one even from the top 5 options can be confusing. After all, using a new product for intimate areas requires thorough research and comparison.

To further ease your job, we have prepared an informative buyer’s guide for the female libido booster. This guide will tell you all about how to pick the right option, who should opt for them, and more.

Who Should Use Female Arousal Products?

You haven't been able to have quality intimate pleasure with your partner for years now. The reason behind this situation can be more than one, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, according to a study, approximately one-third of women suffer from a low s-drive.

Using a female booster can help you combat the problem, irrespective of the cause. Check out a few of the many examples of individuals who need an instant arousal product for females:

Individuals with low or complete lack of interest in sexual activities (including masturbation)

Those who are facing a significant reduction in sexual thoughts and fantasies

Females above the age of 30 years experiencing problems in sexual drive

That being said, there are some people who shouldn’t use arousal products. These include:

Pregnant women

Those allergic to any of the ingredients in the booster supplement

If you are already taking any other medication

In case you have severe health concerns like diseases in the kidney, heart, etc.

When Should Women Use Arousal Products?

According to a study, testosterone cannot significantly boost a woman’s sexual desire. It is relatively difficult to turn women on as compared to men. Therefore, if you face any troubles in your sexual life, your best bet is to opt for libido boosters.

You may have to use a booster in the following 4 major cases:

Physical Conditions

Physical problems are one of the major causes behind low s-drive. You may have to take woman libido boosters if:

You experience pain during sex

Reduced sex drive due to cancer, arthritis, and diabetes

When you are taking antidepressants or any other medication, causing a decline in sexual desire

Decreased arousal due to alcohol, drugs, or excessive smoking

Any breasts or genital surgery can reduce your sexual functionality

Fatigue due to lifestyle resulting in low sex drive

Hormonal Changes

A change in your hormonal levels can drastically alter your sex drive. Taking libido boosters is a wise decision if:

Sex becomes painful or uncomfortable due to dry vaginal tissues when your estrogen levels drop

Your libido levels lag during the period of menopause

Hormonal changes occur after giving birth or while breast-feeding, causing a decrease in sex drive

Psychological Changes

You might also have to resort to female libido booster if your mental state is affecting your sexual desire. Possible situations where this may be the case include:

Depression or anxiety

Stress due to work or financial problems

Post-traumatic stress disorder in sexual assault victims

Negative sexual encounters in the past

Relationship Complications

Most women have a sexual relationship only with their romantic partners because, for females, emotions play a significant role in sexual desire. Well, this can also become a problem for their sexual life.

Decreased sex drive due to a lack of emotional connection with your partner

Trust issues causing lack of interest in sex

Conflicts or poor communication resulting in the absence of arousal

Do Female Libido Boosters Work?

The potential of a libido booster depends upon its efficacy and your body's reaction to accept the treatment. Besides, with the markets flooding with woman libido booster supplements, you can never be sure about product authenticity.

That being said, some legit products do tend to work. Studies have shown that natural woman libido booster pills and authentic gels can aid your sexual performance. Consider these ingredients and how each of them drives your sexual desire.

L-arginine: It is an amino acid naturally found in the human body. The compound works by transforming into nitric oxide, which in turn improves your blood flow by relaxing your blood vessels. When the veins and arteries around the female genitals pump more blood, you feel higher arousal rates and intensified orgasms.

Ginkgo: It is a herbal extract that helps relax the muscle tissues around the clitoris. Additionally, this natural element enhances your estrogen levels, automatically improving your sexual performance. This way, it also helps treat female sexual dysfunctionalities.

Ginseng: Korean Red Ginseng is a natural libido booster that helps improve sexual arousal in women. It also helps women who have erectile dysfunction or those in the stage of menopause. You can find Ginseng in pills, tablets, or in the form of tea.

How To Choose The Best Instant Women Libido Booster?

Picking the best instant women libido booster requires a thorough comparison of the top product features. Before you start using something as intimate as a libido booster, be sure about the product by checking the following points.


One of the prime factors that you must consider is the brand profile of the booster. Most legitimate brands offer detailed product information quite transparently. Additionally, they provide a reliable customer service channel so you can clear all your doubts before purchasing the booster.

Another way to determine the authenticity of a brand is by considering other products offered by the same brand.


Almost every libido booster has its ingredients displayed on the official website. You must carefully double-check each element and make sure you are not allergic to them. Additionally, you can also dig in a little more into these components to learn about how they actually work.

Some natural ingredients to expect in instant woman libido boosters include Ginseng, ginger root, Mucuna Pruriens, horny goat weed, and damiana leaf. These supplements might also include essential compounds like arginine and sildenafil.


Another essential aspect that you need to consider while picking the best female libido booster is the type of supplement. You can opt for pills as they are easy to administer. However, do not forget that they may take at least a few weeks to work successfully.

If you want instant results, your best bet is to use a topical gel or cream. These supplements start working within 15-20 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Checking the customer reviews of a product is downright the best way to determine its authenticity. From details regarding the shipment and delivery to discrepancies in the procedure, you can find it all in the comments.

Though you can find these on the product website, looking for reviews on the customer forums is a better idea. You are sure to find out all about the product's efficacy or flaws, if any.

Study And Research

Is your chosen product backed by clinical studies and research? If it is legit, it will! The effective ingredients used in libido boosters have years of ancient and modern medical research methods to give its users the sexual sensation they are looking for. Look for detailed information and studies about each product on its official website.

Price And Warranty

Though most libido boosters have a similar cost, you still need to compare the prices. Nevertheless, you must choose the one that meets your needs in terms of the type of booster and its effects. Also, look for products that offer deals when you purchase 2 or more packs.

Besides, opting for a booster that comes with a product warranty and a money-back guarantee is definitely the wiser decision. Since you are trying for the first time, pills with a money-back guarantee are undoubtedly more useful!

Do Female Boosters Have Side Effects?

One of the prime claims that you will come across on every supplements' website is the absence of side effects. While it applies to most options, it is not the same for all.

You can determine the safety of a woman libido booster by carefully checking its ingredients. Make sure all of them suit your body before starting administration. Additionally, if you are using a prescription drug to experience sexual sensation, it is most likely free of side effects as it is FDA-approved.

Besides, most natural boosters do not exhibit adverse reactions due to their purity. That being said, you might still encounter a few minor side effects.






FAQs About Instant Female Libido Booster

Q1. How Long Does It Take For Woman Libido Boosters To Work?

The potential time for the woman libido booster to work depends on the type of product you are using. If you opt for female enhancement pills, they will take anywhere between 4 weeks to 8 weeks to work.

On the other hand, if you would like to use female booster injections, they can start working within 45-60 minutes. Therefore, you can inject it into your stomach or thigh around 1 hour before your sexual activity. Moreover, its effects usually last up to 24 hours.

If you want even faster results, you can opt for Woman libido gels or creams. These boosters start showing effects within 15-20 minutes that last up to around 1 hour.

Q2. Pills or Cream- Which Is The Better Libido Booster?

The correct Woman libido booster type depends upon your prime requirements. While pills may start showing effects after about 4 weeks, the cream starts working as quickly as 15 minutes.

The second option seems more attractive, doesn't it? Well, it is, but only if you are looking for temporary improvements. Libido booster creams instill arousal feelings in your body, boosting your sex drive.

Pills, on the other hand, work at a slow pace, but they provide long-term effects. If you have severe sexual dysfunctionalities, opting for pills is clearly a better option.

Q3. How Can Women Boost Libido Naturally?

If the hundreds of female libido booster options in the market intimidate you, choosing natural ways is always an option. You can opt for female libido boosters comprising natural ingredients, as they work without any major side effects. These include natural female enhancement pills, gels, and creams.

In Conclusion: Which Is The Best Female Libido Booster?

That was a notably comprehensive buyer’s guide, wasn’t it? Well, as far as you have all your doubts cleared, it is totally worth it!

While male sexual problems take the spotlight often, it is important that female sexuality is crucial! With the best female libido booster supplements aiding sexual issues, you need not bear an unsatisfied sex life anymore.

This guide provides you with 5 legitimate options available in the market and also answers all your female libido-related queries. However, we would recommend going for Provestra because it has a softer consistency than most other gels and creams.

So, what’s the hold? Grab the female libido booster for yourself today and watch your sex life thrive remarkably!

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