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2021’s Best Psychic Readings Online: Most Accurate Psychic Sites for Readings by Phone, Chat, or Video

Best Online Psychic Readings (norcal 3)

Are you struggling with a difficult decision, regret about the past, or anxiety regarding the future? If so, it may be time to gain a fresh perspective by speaking with an online psychic.

Whether you have questions about your love life, need help making an important life decision, or have burning questions that are keeping you up at night, a psychic reading online can give you the answers you need to move forward with confidence.

If you’re ready to experience a powerful psychic reading that you’ll never forget, here is the top ranked online psychic site for accurate readings via phone, chat, or video.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2021

Psychic Source: Best love readings (3 free minutes + low rates)

Keen: Best for guidance on big life decisions (10 minutes for just $1.99!)

Kasamba: Best for tarot readings (3 free minutes + 70% off)

Asknow: Best for career and money questions (15 minutes for just $10)

#1 Psychic Source: Best for accurate love readings

Psychic Source is the best online psychic site for accurate readings, affordable rates, and free minutes. Founded in 1989, Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic reading services in existence. They have over 250+ high-quality psychic readers in their network, each with their own unique gifts and specialties.

Psychic Source allows clients to get a psychic reading online, over the phone, or through a video call. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that your psychic reading will be an insightful experience.

Psychic Sources offers a variety of different types of psychic services, including:

Love readings

Tarot readings

Angel card readings



Energy healing

Career path


Dream analysis

And more

What separates Psychic Source from other psychic reading sites is their psychic screening process. Every advisor within the Psychic Source network is screened and tested for authenticity and reliability.

For new customers, Psychic Source offers rates as low as $0.66 per minute and 3 free minutes. Psychic Source also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely LOVE your psychic reading, it’s free!

While Psychic Sources offers a wide range of services, its love readings tend to be the most popular among clients. You can choose from over 100 psychics who specialize in love and relationships, allowing you to receive targeted insight into your love life. Psychic Source also has experts that specialize in other areas of life such as career, family, grieving, and destiny.

If you’re looking for clarity to life’s most burning questions, you can’t go wrong with Psychic Source.

All psychic advisors are tested for accuracy and authenticity

New users get 3 free minutes + 75% off first reading

Services include tarot card readings, love readings, and dream analysis

Over 30 years in business with a proven track record

Connect 24/7 via phone, chat, or video

Click Here to Get 3 Free Minutes + 75% Off With Psychic Source

#2 Keen: Cheap Psychic Readings By Phone or Chat

Talking to a psychic online doesn't need to break the bank. Keen is an online psychic reading website that offers some of the most affordable rates in the industry.

Keen has been in business since 1999 and offers phone, chat, and email readings. The company provides over 20 different types of sessions, such as:

Love & relationships





Dream interpretation

Aura cleansing

And more

Keen works with over 1,700 psychics that all offer various specialties. As you look for the right advisor for your needs, you can narrow your search using multiple filters, such as price, availability, skills and methods, or specialties. You can also use the site's "Get Matched" tool that pairs you with one of its psychics based on your preferred specifications.

If you like to read reviews before making a decision, you will appreciate that the company allows clients to rate and review Keen psychics publicly after a session. You can read an advisor's reviews to gain a more in-depth understanding of their methods before hiring them.

Keen also offers a mobile app that allows you to receive readings on the go. If you only have a few minutes during a lunch break or after work, you can have a life-changing conversation with a psychic reader right from your phone.

Keen advertises that its readings are 100% private and confidential. You can feel confident sharing personal or intimate details about your life with your Keen psychics, knowing that your information will stay between you and your reader.

This company offers a special promotion that allows new customers to receive ten minutes for just $1.99. This price is currently the cheapest deal in the industry.

If you're new to psychic readings or unsure whether you want to invest much money in them, you can try out a high-quality reading from Keen psychics for an affordable price.

One of the largest online psychic reading sites in existence

Specialties include love readings, tarot readings, and horoscope readings

Over 1,700 of the best online psychics to choose from

Online readings via phone call, chat, or email

Satisfaction guarantee

New users get 10 minutes for just $1.99!

Click Here To Get A Powerful Psychic Reading With Keen

#3 Kasamba: Best for Tarot Readings and Fortune Telling

If you're looking for a psychic reading site that offers reputable tarot card readings, we recommend checking out Kasamba. Tarot readings give you insight into your past, present, or future through interpreting tarot cards.

Kasamba has been in business since 1999 and has helped over three million customers find clarity and answers to their life struggles. Clients can receive a high-quality psychic reading from psychic experts through online chat or email.

Kasamba offers several unique readings aside from psychic and tarot readings. A few of its specialties include:

Aura readings

Crystal readings

Pet psychics

Rune casting

Astrology readings

Dream analysis

Kasamba has hundreds of psychics available 24/7, allowing clients to receive an insightful reading any time of day. All of the company's readers have their own profile pages with information about their specialties, abilities, and experience. You can perform your own research to find the right advisor for your needs.

Like Keen, Kasamba also allows you to read client reviews about each advisor. If you prefer to learn about others' experiences before choosing a psychic, you can learn valuable information by reading these reviews.

Kasamba offers a unique deal to make its readings more affordable for its customers. The first three minutes of every reading are free, giving you time to decide whether you and your advisor click. New customers can also receive 70% off their first reading.

If you are looking to receive a high-quality, insightful tarot card reading from an experienced psychic advisor, Kasamba will suit your bottom line to a T.

All psychic advisors have their own profile page with their bio and rates

Users get 3 free minutes at the beginning of every session

New members get 70% off

Large variety of online psychics to choose from

Services include fortune telling, tarot, dream readings, and more

One of the most trusted psychic reading websites in the industry

Click Here to Get 3 Free Minutes + 70% off With Keen

#4 AskNow: Best Psychic Phone Readings

Some people prefer to receive a psychic reading over the phone so that they can hear their advisor's voice and take advantage of direct, immediate communication. If you're looking for a psychic reading site that offers trustworthy phone readings, AskNow is an excellent choice to consider.

AskNow has been in business since 2005, making it the youngest site on our list. However, the company has helped thousands of clients gain insight and clarity about their life challenges over the past 15+ years.

AskNow offers psychic readings by phone or through online chat. The company provides psychic readings about:

Love and relationships

Career advice


Money and finance

Past lives

Dream analysis

If you're struggling with your career, finances, or relationships, you can speak with an advisor specializing in these areas. Each advisor has a site profile with information about their experience, specialties, and customer ratings.

You can filter the site's psychic readers by availability, reading type, price, and specialty to find the perfect psychic for your needs. AskNow works with readers in three classes—top-rated, elite, and master—and the company screens all of its readers for authenticity before partnering with them.

AskNow offers 15-minute readings for just $10. With each online chat or phone reading you purchase, you can receive five free minutes with one of the site's master psychics. If you aren't satisfied with your session for any reason, the company will credit your account for up to five minutes so you can find a different advisor who is right for you.

Along with its psychic readings, AskNow also has a reference page with a wide range of articles covering relationships, dreams, cryptozoology, and everything in between. You can also read your daily horoscope on the AskNow website.

The bottom line is that AskNow is a quality, reliable psychic reading site that offers trustworthy, experienced phone psychics.

Accurate readings by phone or online chat

Specialties include career path, love life, and family questions

All advisors go through a screening process to ensure legitimacy

Readers available in both english and spanish

Get 15 minutes for just $10

Click Here to Learn More About Asknow Psychics

Things To Consider Before Getting a Psychic Reading

Paying for a psychic reading may feel like a risky decision. Psychic scams are common occurrences, and you may not want to risk spending money on a reading session that could turn out to be illegitimate.

However, doing proper research before choosing a psychic reading site is one effective way to find a high-quality, trustworthy, reputable reader. As you search for the best online psychics for your needs, you should make sure to consider the following factors that contribute to a site's overall quality.

Free Minutes?

Some psychic reading sites offer free minutes at the beginning of all of their sessions. While you probably cannot receive an entire session for free, these discounts make the overall session more affordable and ensure that you do not waste time on a scam psychic or inexperienced reader.

Contact Methods

The best psychic reading sites allow you to receive a reading through several different contact methods including:

Online chat




Generally, not being able to see an advisor face to face or hear their voice increases the risk of a psychic scam. If a website only offers online chat readings, you cannot be 100% sure of who is behind the screen or how they get their information.

As you search for the right website for your needs, you should make sure to review each site's contact methods. If you're interested in a website that only offers chat or email readings, you may want to verify how the company screens its advisors before paying for a reading.

Type of Specialties Offered

The best psychic reading sites offer a wide range of specialties, allowing you to choose experts who are suitable for your specific needs. The top psychic sites provide several of the following psychics:

Career psychics

Love psychics

Pet psychics

Tarot readers



Choosing a specialty that aligns with your specific struggles or challenges may allow you to receive more detailed insight and advice than you could when speaking with a general psychic.

Years of Experience

The number of years a company has been in business may indicate its quality and reliability. All of the online psychic reading sites on our list have been in business for at least fifteen years, giving them ample time to develop a positive reputation among clients.

A new psychic reading website may not be as reputable or trustworthy as sites with several decades of experience. We recommend narrowing down your search to websites that have been on the web for five years or longer.

Customer Reviews

It may feel challenging to discern the best online psychic reading sites without experiencing their services for yourself. Reading customer reviews is the next best way to understand a site's quality and reputation, as reviews allow you to learn about other customers' experiences with the site.

Several psychic reading platforms allow previous clients to rate their psychic readers and provide information about whether their predictions came true. These ratings and reviews can help you feel confident that the psychic you choose will offer an insightful love reading or tarot reading for you as well.

Customer reviews can also give you insight into a website's customer service, an important quality to consider when spending money on a service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best psychic readings online allow clients to receive one credit toward their next session if they are dissatisfied with their reading. This satisfaction guarantee enables clients to try another psychic who may suit their needs better at no additional cost.

Types of Psychic Readings

When you schedule psychic readings online, you can typically choose between phone, email, video, or chat readings. Let's discuss what each of these psychic readings entails.

Phone Readings

Phone readings allow you to chat with a psychic live over the phone. A phone reading lets you and your reader talk in real-time, removing any barriers that may occur through slower methods such as email. Most websites charge for these sessions by the minute, and you can choose how long you would like your session to be.

Email Readings

Email psychic readings are ideal for people with busy schedules who may not have fifteen minutes or a half-hour available to talk to a psychic live.

When you schedule this type of reading, you will have the opportunity to email details about your life challenges to your advisor. He or she will reply within 24 hours, and your back-and-forth email chain can continue as long as you would like.

Scheduling an email reading is also a suitable choice if you have one specific question weighing on your mind. Instead of paying for a longer session, you can email one of the experts on the sites above.

Email sessions tend to be the most affordable online psychic readings. Rather than paying by the minute, you will typically pay per email response.

Video Readings

Video chat is as close to an in-person sessions as you can get. These online psychic readings allow you to communicate with psychic experts face to face, just as you would if you were meeting with them in person.

While a video reading may be pricier than an email or chat one, you will be able to experience a more tailored, intimate session with your reader that you could not receive through other methods of communication.

Chat Readings

Chat readings give you access to instant text communication with psychics or tarot card readers in real-time. When you send a chat message to your advisor, you can expect to receive a response within seconds or minutes.

These readings are typically more affordable than phone or video readings. Because you cannot see your advisor face to face, you may have a more challenging time connecting with them on a personal level. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to receive a psychic or tarot reading, chatting with a reader online may suit your needs.

How Accurate Are Online Psychics?

The best psychics online are just as accurate as the psychics you would meet with in person. While they probably will not be able to give you detailed glimpses into your future, they can help you gain general insight into upcoming events and sort through challenges that are weighing you down.

If a psychic site claims that its readings are always 100% accurate, you can probably assume it is a scam. The best online psychics focus more on guiding you through your struggles and preparing you for what is to come than on predicting the future.

What Topics Can You Discuss During A Psychic Reading?

People visit psychics and tarot readers to discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to their lives. Some people focus more on regrets they have of the past, others want to gain insight into their future, and some need help making a big decision in the present.

A few life events people often discuss with psychics include:

Love and relationships





If you need guidance regarding any or all of these topics, scheduling a tarot card reading may provide the insight and clarity you are looking for.

However, if you are unsure what to discuss with your psychic, you may consider asking one of these questions:

1. What should I know about my life right now?

2. What energy is surrounding me?

3. What advice do you have for me?

4. What do I need to know about my romantic relationship?

You should try to think of one or more topics or questions before beginning your session, especially if you are paying by the minute. Don't be afraid to be specific with your ponderings, as they will help your advisor understand what particular struggles or challenges may be ailing you.

Do Psychic Sites Offer Free Readings?

Most services do not offer free psychic readings. However, many sites allow you to receive your first few minutes of a paid reading for free. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with your reading, you may be able to request a credit for your next session.

If you find a website that does offer free psychic readings, we suggest proceeding with caution. Psychics that advertise their services as free but still request your credit card information could charge you without your consent. Even if a site does not ask for your payment information, a free psychic reading may not be very high-quality or trustworthy.

The bottom line is that the best psychic readers would never offer their services for free. If you find ones that do, you should take their guidance with a grain of salt.

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