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Kibo Eclipse Review, FORMER Student Speaks Out

Kibo Eclipse Review

We are about to give you a sneak-peak into a system that mainly involves selling products, unlike what has always been used. In fact, this is a brand new system.

The Kibo Eclipse System is fast, effective, and very simple. We strongly believe and have the proof to show that it can deliver stunning results in a very short time.

We will also reveal how this insanely simple Kibo Eclipse System has managed to produce results that have changed the lives of many students who decided to take action…

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…If you take action, follow our steps closely and work hard, there is no reason why you can't be successful. That's regardless of your background, age, experience, etc.

The best news of all is…

  • Results will be blindingly fast
  • It's a fun system that means you won't get bored
  • No need to work 24/7 to get it up and running

…The best part is that there is great potential to generate more than enough money. You can also scale it as much as you want. So, you have total control of it.

Even if you are currently focused on using another method of making money online, i.e., affiliate marketing, crypto, eCommerce, or Kindle… it is imperative that you read the book in its entirety. In fact, sign up for our masterclass.

We are living in uncertain times, where things change without notice, making diversification the most critical part of running your business.

Today, we are sharing a model that will deliver consistent results, it is sustainable, and you are in control of it.

Not to mention that the business will grow by leaps and bounds each year. In fact, we ran it for the past two years, and the turmoil of recent years had no effect on it. That's why we know it is an airproof system, so to speak!

We are talking about building a REAL Business

A business that you can be proud of owning.

We Are More Than Excited To Share This New and Highly Lucrative Information With You…

This is a 100% solid business model…

It is reliable, scalable, and highly predictable; that's why you'll watch it grow every year.

We have been mastering this for years and have made a load of money in the process. The projects we initially set up continue to make us money to this day.

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In this section of our Kibo Eclipse Review, we will unveil the core process behind THE KIBO ECLIPSE system.

Let's start by giving you some context. Most training courses you come across will mainly talk about how to set up an eCommerce business, mainly selling various products online. You then choose one niche and pick a single best-selling product. That is thus your starting point.

However, it is a system that works because there are many people who have made a load of money using it….but there are issues.

The biggest issue we've always had with this strategy was just you're putting all your eggs in one basket…

If you are choosing to get into just one niche and a single product, you're essentially putting all your eggs in one basket, something we are staunchly against doing.

The other perhaps more significant problem with this approach is that once you have spent money on a domain, getting a website designed, and invested in inventory, you have already dug a financial hole of at least a few thousand dollars.

So, you need to start making money… or else…

If your product fails to catch on for whatever reason, you are stuck with a bucket load of inventory that frankly will need to be sold at a loss. If you don't have the money to lose, this can put you in a world of hurt.

The final problem we have is that the entire process is complex, with so many moving parts that it will make your eyes bleed. Things can get especially tricky if you are sourcing these items from China.

That's why we take an entirely different approach.

The best thing with our approach is…

  • You don't have to spend weeks researching a niche or finding a so-called hero product.
  • No juggling inventory, licenses, and reseller certificates.
  • No communication issues with overseas suppliers.

Instead… Our approach is…

  • We want to sell products that will make us a profit that isn't based on a niche or trend.
  • We will test many products across many different niches at the same time to find the best-performing ones.
  • We will use our free traffic strategies to put the products in front of people looking for these products.
  • You get instant traction and a boatload of sales.
  • Easily remove products that aren't selling and keep ones that are selling.
  • Rinse and repeat the whole process to increase profits across more winning products.

The end result?

We will have a pool of the best selling products which convert to sales and eventually profits.

Our goal isn't to limit ourselves to selling a singular product in a single niche.

We aim to sell multiple products in many niches and in many marketplaces… that will always translate to making more money…

Yet, at the same time, it eliminates all the risk that's otherwise associated with purchasing inventory upfront.

The added advantage is that we are not relying on a single product, supplier, or marketplace to make us money, which mitigates risk significantly.

To us, THE KIBO ECLIPSE is by far the safest, easiest, and fastest way to build an online business.

It is worth stating again…

We are currently generating a lot of money using this approach.

Like every legitimate business, there are good days and not-so-good days. However, as a solid business model, there are more good and best days than they are bad days. When it comes to bad days, there isn't much you can do about it. But maximizing your good days often means that those bad days aren't going to cripple your business.

You are probably wondering…

If we were making a killing on the internet, why in the world would we want to share it? Why not just keep it our secret and continue raking in the cash?

Yes, most people would not tell you the secret….

But we are not most people; we enjoy teaching people how best to build an online business.

We have been doing this for over 15 years, and over the years, we have enjoyed lots of success and helped many people change their lives for the better.

Your success is the most satisfying thing for us in the world.

We have spent the past 24 months training so many other people to use this model. Most of whom have put in the work have found success.

** Immense Success **

The training we are referring to is called THE KIBO ECLIPSE… It has resulted in many of our students taking action, which means they followed The Kibo Eclipse System and put in the effort to become successful.

Right now… many of our founding students and members continue to earn a handsome income using THE KIBO ECLIPSE…



Even though we have enjoyed immense success because the core model is the best out there, we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our income and that of our students.

We spent the entirety of 2021 testing all the new ways to make money with an eCommerce business.

Here is where things will get exciting… because!

We made a startling discovery during this period

That single discovery resulted in us making $35k in sales in just one day!

For Real?

Yes, we kid you not. Allow us to explain from the start. We are not sure how long you may have been searching for a system or business opportunity, but remember Amazon was a big thing some back?

Amazon was indeed incredible because it made it possible for anyone to sell products on the platform, either branded private label products or drop shipping, having access to millions of potential buyers. The jaw-dropping traffic meant that everyone would make money.

Many people realized that Amazon had major potential, and the relatively open marketplace continued to welcome vendors. Those like us who were lucky enough to get in early continue to make an absolute killing on the platform. However, things have become more challenging in recent times… because of one critical flaw…


When there are thousands of people trying to sell the same products on the same marketplace…that soon becomes an issue for newcomers to the platform.

Sure, there is still potential to make money on Amazon… we still make money on the platform…. But it has become increasingly more challenging.

The problem with competition exists across all business models. When you have thousands of people trying to promote the same trending items, and they're a handful of platforms and traffic sources, it can be very challenging…until now!

We have discovered a new and vastly untapped source of traffic that's 2x the size of Amazon.

You can get massive traffic from the platform, and the good thing is, it was developed for people like us, who can take full advantage of it in 2022. Let's put it this way.

We Have Sold as much as $150k a week on the platform or marketplace….

The best thing!

The marketplace is an explosion waiting to happen when you use THE KIBO ECLIPSE… it dramatically multiplies your earning potential.

So, where is this marketplace we're talking about?

How come this marketplace is such a large source of free, highly targeted, and near-instant traffic that you never heard about?

To find out, you are required to register for one of our live Masterclass sessions. We will detail EVERYTHING there.


How Does The KIBO ECLIPSE Work…

In a Nutshell, you need to follow 3 STEPS…

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STEP 1 – Find Profitable Products

You will start by identifying 10 core, profitable products. As mentioned earlier, you don't need to search for these products based on any specific niche… you find ones that will make a profit.

After the product research has been completed, you will know that there are quite a few ways of finding products that can make you money.

…As it turns out, finding winning products isn't easy. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about that because of our Breakthrough Technology.

The technology allows you to find winning products in mere minutes.

(We talk about this technology in our Masterclass sessions)

After identifying your initial selection to sell and having a list of suppliers, you need to load them up to your webstore.

Again! This is where our special software will make it easier to get your webstore up and running. That is why it will require no technical knowledge and only a few minutes to go live.

Your domain name, logo, and everything else is also taken care of… you can also use the same storefront that we use to generate thousands in sales each day.

STEP 2 – Start Getting Free Traffic

The second step is to get to the initial $1k/week milestone in profit. We do this by taking advantage of the hyper-targeted and free traffic that comes from Facebook's marketplace.

The marketplace is home to millions of users, and the goal is to identify the most profitable products from the initial selection.

When you sell, The Kibo Eclipse System is remarkably simple…

  • Your product is seen on the Facebook marketplace, after which it is ordered off your webstore.
  • You are paid for the item.
  • The product is purchased from the supplier.
  • The supplier ships the product to the customer.
  • Your profit is mainly what is leftover from what the customer pays you to how much the item is costed from the supplier.

Finally, the fulfillment process is quick and easy. The best thing is you will never need to handle or see any of the products you've ordered.

Again the goal of step 2 is to reach $1000/week in profit.

STEP 3 – You Scale by Multiplying Marketplaces and Winning Products

The third step of The Kibo Eclipse System is getting to milestone #2, which is $5k/week in profit.

This needs to be done for the most profitable products that you initially identified, then push those products to more marketplaces. That will include the previously mentioned "untapped" marketplace, which we told you about some time back.

This approach puts your products in front of more people, and that will translate to making more sales.

Additional marketplaces will be revealed at our live session. However, for now, we can tell you want to expect…

You receive an insane amount of traffic from these marketplaces.

You can take all the most profitable products and send them to these marketplaces within seconds with the push of a button. Our special software handles everything for you. That way, you don't have to worry about descriptions, titles, and images.

If you have followed our process correctly, we can bet that you are already making money at this point. Make sure to keep going until you hit $5k/week in profit.

Even though you may consider this to be farfetched, and to reach this level, you will need to put in the work so that everything is up and running.

It is important to realize that there is immense potential for those who are willing to put in the work.

After Getting to Milestone #, 2 Just repeat the three 3 steps to scale your business to untold profits

You do this by finding NEW winning products, quickly launching them too, and increasing the money you're making on a daily basis.


Here are 5 things worth paying attention to...

#1 – You Don't Face Traffic Issues

As with any other online business, traffic is its lifeblood; that's why unless you can generate loads of good traffic, making money is impossible.

The good news is that our focus is on getting lots of free traffic. That way, your products can be put directly in front of people online who want to buy them right that moment, ensuring you make sales fast.


Anyone who may have run an eCommerce business in the past knows that getting products from China or any other overseas location can be a hassle. Communication can be challenging to say the least.

A breakdown in communication can mean that you lose a lot of business; it is a risk that we are not willing to take.

That's why we only source products from US-based suppliers and sell to people in the US. You can take this approach even if you are outside of the US. It is a lot safer.

#3 – Very Low-Risk Method Compared To Others

If anything, this goes back to what we talked about previously. The advantage of this model is we don't juggle inventory. Our approach lowers the risk because your max investment isn't going to be more than $2k.

With any other eCommerce method, it can be several hundred dollars.

The method ensures you don't have to buy anything upfront, eliminating the risk of losing money. If a particular product does not do well, simply dump it, you don't waste a dime.

#4-: Quickly Scale

Now because you are not dealing with lead times, you can test the product to see what sells and eliminate ones that don't. This approach means you can remove products that don't sell, for instance, within 48 hours.

Since you aren't waiting on inventory to be created, processed, or sent, it is the fastest way to run an online business ever.

The more products you add, the more you scale… can't be easier!

#5 – Great As a Side Hustle

There is no need to quit your day job; carry on with your current routine. You can also run it alongside any other eCommerce business.


A Quick Comparison

You are probably eager to know how does THE KIBO ECLIPSE compares to other models.

However, before we answer this for you, let's agree on a few things.

To us, the 5 key factors to gauge when trying to assess a business opportunity are:

  • Turning A Profit - The ability to make a profit both in the short and long term. You don't want to engage in a business that has a lofty and hopeful goal. A realistic, achievable figure is important.
  • Time Factor - The other factor is the time commitment. How much of your time is needed to operate the business.
  • The cost of starting up
  • Speed of the results
  • The predictability of the results

In the context of the points above, let's just take a look at THE KIBO ECLIPSE to determine how good of a business opportunity it offers here. If anything, this is an unbiased assessment of the opportunity here.

Realistic Profits – The Kibo Eclipse System makes it simple to calculate how much you can realistically make from every sale and how many sales you can possibly make every day and then every week. That means you can quickly figure out how much money you can make every week.

Time commitment – Everyone has a finite amount of time, and because of that, we've automated 90% of the process, so your time commitment is very low. If anything, the more time you put, the more money-making potential your business has, and this is no different. If anything, this is on par with Affiliate marketing and Kindle in the overall time commitment department.

Quick Results – The speed at which you see results is unmatched in our experience. Most people start selling almost the next day.

Start-up Costs – It has the lowest start-up cost compared to any other business model. It is on par with Kindle. You don't need much to get going.

Predictable – You have a system that offers the highest level of certainty compared to any other competing model. Why? Well, because there is already a huge demand for all the products you are selling. These aren't products that haven't been tested or you need to spend money on creating awareness about. You can choose from millions of products to sell.

As I mentioned earlier, apart from Kindle, which we used to build up to $50k in profit a year, we've built business models worth millions. Steve and I continue to build businesses and explore new models, and that's why we are qualified to talk about the pros and cons of each business model here.

All we ask is that you think about it, fairly weigh the pros and cons of each system to determine which one is better.

Trust us, even though building The Kibo Eclipse System took time, trial, and effort, it isn't rocket science, it's easy and profitable. That's why it makes such a good business.

THE KIBO ECLIPSE ticks all the right boxes:

  • It is easy to set up and run
  • Allows you to spend less time and make more money
  • It does not require you to invest thousands in inventory
  • The flexible model means you can quickly switch products
  • No need to worry about traffic sources because most are free
  • Scale the business as much as you want; the sky is the limit, quite frankly

Think you can put in the work to make money? Want to run your own eCommerce Business? Then click here to get started…and never look back.

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