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Love Tarot Readings: Best Tarot Sites for Free Love and Relationship Readings

Love Tarot Readings (norcal 4)

Countless people feel lost, confused, and disappointed in their love life. While many turn to friends or family for advice, others connect with one of the oldest sources of guidance and wisdom: tarot card readings.

Tarot card readers – those gifted with psychic abilities, such as divination – use the images, stories, and symbols they find in tarot cards to provide insight and spiritual wisdom. While a tarot reading won't give you a "yes" or "no" answer to all of your questions, a love tarot reading can help you connect to your inner wisdom to determine the best path for your love life.

Online tarot reading sites make it easy to connect with a psychic. That said, it can feel impossible to find authentic psychic readings online.

To make it easy to get started, we've reviewed the top three tarot card reading sites for high-quality readings.

Best Sites to Get a Love Tarot Reading Online

Psychic Source: Most accurate love readings (3 free minutes + low rates)

Keen Psychics: Best for cheap love readings (10 minutes for just $1.99!)

Kasamba: Best selection of psychic services (3 minutes free + 70% off)

From tarot card readings to cartomancy, angel card readings, and more, you can find countless types of psychic readings on the top three online tarot reading sites. While you may doubt the authenticity of an online tarot reader, you can count on accurate, reliable psychics and video chat, phone, or live chat readings.

Read on for the best online tarot card reading websites offering low rates, first-time deals, and free readings.

#1 Psychic Source: Most Accurate Love and Relationship Readings

There's a lot to love about Psychic Source. With over thirty years of tarot card and cartomancy experience, plus more than 200 vetted psychics who specialize in tarots, Psychic Source has built its reputation as one of the first – and most reliable – names in the internet tarot-card-reading industry.

Psychic Source focuses on returning humanity to a state of deep inner listening to psychic connections and the Universe's energy through lost arts like tarot love reading and other psychic specialties. The website makes it easy to connect with a psychic who specializes in love tarot card readings, too. Browse their platform to view the psychics' bios, headshots, backgrounds, experience, and ratings.

You will likely notice a staggering number of positive reviews and user testimonials from other customers. Tarot love readings can feel nerve-wracking and scary, especially if you've never connected with tarot card readers before. But Psychic Source and all of their tarot card readers share the same goal: to provide you with clear guidance and the advice you need, with no tricks, scams, or hidden agendas. Each reader receives thorough testing for authenticity, so you can trust that you're receiving a legitimate reading.

After choosing a tarot reader who seems like a good fit, you can enjoy three free minutes of chatting if you're a new user. If you connect with the psychic immediately, you can even get up to 75% off of every additional minute on your first call, making Psychic Source an easy choice for low-cost, accurate readings.

Psychic Source also allows users to connect with their psychics at home or on the go. Access their tarot providers from your laptop, desktop, or cell phone, and connect with a psychic over the phone or online chat. While some users prefer to speak directly with their psychics, you may choose to chat with yours, so you can better absorb the reading and consider your questions before responding.

Why You'll Love Psychic Source:

Great reputation since 1989

Countless psychic specialties to choose from

Guaranteed confidentiality and privacy for customers

New customers get three free minutes and up to 75% off of additional minutes on their call

Access video readings, phone calls, or live chat via laptop or mobile app

Accurate love tarot reading sessions for answers to burning questions

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Click Here to Visit The Psychic Source Website

#2 Keen Psychics: Online Tarot Readings by Phone or Chat

If you're in search of a trusted tarot provider that offers love tarot readings, plus many other online psychic services, then Keen Psychics is the platform for you. Like Psychic Source, Keen Psychics has made a name for itself since 1999 as a trustworthy reading site.

With more than 1,700 tarot readers and psychic guides to choose from, you can quickly locate an advisor who specializes in love readings. Simply create a user profile to browse their listings and filter through experts based on public ratings, reviews, pricing, specialization, and scheduling. If you want to venture into other offerings, you can choose between love readers, tarot advisors, energy healers, clairvoyants, astrologists, and more.

Keen prioritizes the customer experience, ensuring that its rates are low enough to enable it to serve those with a small budget. Their roster of gifted readers can help you unravel questions about life events, your relationship, or other complicated situations in as little as ten minutes.

Most importantly, Keen values your privacy and goes the extra mile to ensure that your personal details remain confidential. Customers can connect with a tarot reader any time of the day or night, regardless of differences in time zones, for an accurate tarot card reading when you need it most.

Keen also understands that conducting something as intimate as a tarot reading session online has its drawbacks. While a user may have previously sought out a local psychic and built a relationship with one expert, Keen allows you to connect with your psychic online or through a mobile app for phone calls, live chat, or email conversations.

After one session, customers can continue communicating with their reader via text for ongoing answers and insights. If you run into any trouble connecting with your psychic, you're in luck. Keen's online and mobile platforms come with 24/7 customer service to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Why You'll Love Keen Psychics:

24/7 access to love tarot experts

Wide variety of psychic services available via phone, chat, or email

Mobile app for on-the-go readings

100% safe, secure, and confidential

Lowest price tarot card reading online, at just $1.99 for the first ten minutes

Extensive filtering options to find the perfect psychic

Click Here to Visit The Keen Psychics Website

#3 Kasamba: Free Tarot Reading for First 3 Minutes

With over three million visitors and hundreds of gifted card-reading experts on its platform, Kasamba has helped countless customers find answers to relationship dilemmas since 1999. Kasamba makes it easy for beginners to try out multiple tarot readers before spending any money. Read through thousands of psychics' profile pages, compare reviews, and choose a reader with the gifts, communication channels, and specializations you need.

After selecting an experienced reader on the site, customers can enjoy a free love tarot reading for the first three minutes of their call. If you don't connect with your first psychic, you can try as many other psychics as you want, each with three free minutes. Once you've connected with a psychic who understands your needs, you can get 70% off your minute rate as a new user, following your three free minutes.

Like the other online tarot-card-reading sites mentioned above, Kasamba prioritizes honesty, clarity, and transparency from its readers. Whether you sign up for a trial-based free love tarot reading or commit to daily, weekly, or monthly tarot readings through the platform, you can trust that you're receiving a high-quality reading.

Kasamba also offers far more than tarot card readings. Connect with experts in angel card readings and cartomancy for enhanced affirmations, divination, and fortune-telling. These specializations may feel less familiar to many users. Still, after experiencing the reassuring messages from an angel card reading or the intuitive interpretations from a cartomancy expert, you'll understand why Kasamba's roster of readers includes these rare clairvoyants.

Why You'll Love Kasamba:

Wide range of services, including tarot card reading, angel card reading, and cartomancy reading

Low rates and Best Match guarantee

Accessibility 24/7 via laptop or mobile app

Three free minutes at the beginning of each call and 70% off your first reading

Highly detailed bios and advanced filtering options to help choose an expert

Connection with psychics via chat or email

Click Here to Get 3 Free Minutes With Kasamba

What Is a Love Tarot Reading?

Like a tarot card reading, a love tarot card reading helps people understand and connect to their intuition, present circumstances, and future path. Expert readers analyze the tarot deck before them, providing clients with guidance to resolve issues surrounding relationships, finances, careers, and other major life decisions.

Your reader may use one of many types of tarot cards, though all tarot decks have 78 total cards. Two classes divide the deck: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards, which are then further split into four suits, including Swords, Cups, Pentacles, and Wands.

The tarot reader will shuffle the deck and arrange them, revealing a tarot spread. Then, the user will receive an analysis based on the types of cards presented in the tarot spread, the position of the cards, and how each card relates to the queries presented.

The Best Tarot Cards to Get in a Love Tarot Card Spread

With so many cards in the tarot deck, you may feel unfamiliar with all or most of them. Depending on the length of your call or chat, your psychic may not provide you with much information about them, either.

Don't let it intimidate you, though. You can educate yourself on the tarot spread, but, in general, you should hope to see one or more of the following cards in your love tarot spread:


Ten of Cups

The Hierophant

The Empress

The Sun

The Devil

Ace of Cups

Ten of Pentacles

How to Find the Best Tarot Readers

Finding legitimately gifted psychics isn't easy. Countless fraudulent websites promise free tarot readings but offer only canned responses to user concerns. Additionally, other websites require your credit card information, then proceed to charge you with hidden fees. With all of these concerns and your own relationship issues, you may feel that searching for a tarot reading online is more trouble than it's worth.

However, when you connect with psychics from the three best sites reviewed above, you can trust that you will receive an authentic, reliable reading from expert psychics. Whether you need insight around your current relationship, feel like love will never come your way, or are considering a separation or divorce, Psychic Source, Kasamba, and Keen Psychics provide customers with accurate tarot readings that will help them through their most difficult and challenging moments.

How Accurate Are Tarot Cards?

A few variables influence the accuracy of your tarot reading. First of all, you need to have appropriate questions – and let go of the idea that tarot cards work like a Magic 8 Ball.

Secondly, your psychic's experience performing tarot readings can impact your results. Choose a vetted psychic with years of experience helping people navigate relationships, career changes, or financial hurdles and who has plenty of positive reviews to back up their profile on the site.

Finally, avoid tarot reading sites that offer software-based readings. While you may get one free tarot reading from them, you'll likely receive generic responses. Real psychics who have undergone rigorous testing by quality sites can provide you with a far more valuable and accurate user experience.

How Can a Tarot Card Reading Help You?

Many people seek out guidance from tarot cards to address significant issues or concerns in life. Whether a user finds themselves struggling through a complex relationship or feels hopeless when it comes to love, psychics can provide them with the clarity and confidence they need to make a decision and get on with their life.

No matter what you feel confused or anxious about, you can browse sites like those mentioned above and filter through psychics to find a match. The clairvoyant will analyze your tarot spread and give you insight and advice based on the spread.

If you're not sure how to match with a reader, consider four of the most common topics that send people looking for an expert psychic:

1. Help Finding Love

Whether you find yourself in and out of relationships or can't find romance at all, a card reading can help! In fact, it may only take one session to change your perspective and – potentially – transform your view of love, life, and people in general.

Many times, users sign up for psychic sites because they want to find their soulmate. Knowledgeable psychics can analyze your cards to help you understand what you really need in a lover. You may also realize why past relationships never worked out and how to find a partner who wants to build a life with you.

2. Cheating and Infidelity Concerns

Worrying about cheating and infidelity can drain the life out of you. The soul-crushing loneliness and overwhelming feelings may make it difficult to know which way to turn. You may feel unsure about your judgment – especially if you only suspect your partner has cheated on you – and embarrassed to reveal your concerns to family and friends.

Your clairvoyant may draw cards that point to a lover who has gone astray. On the other hand, your reader may find a message in the cards that can soothe your fears.

3. Relationship Problems

If you can best describe your relationship as "complicated," you may want to consider a reading with an expert psychic. No matter if you're feeling uncertain about a long-term relationship, not sure where you stand with a new partner, or experience ongoing frustration, tension, and confusion when it comes to your spouse, a love tarot reading can provide you with the insight and confidence you need to either get on the same page with your partner or move on.

4. Love Compatibility

There's nothing more exciting than a new relationship. Between the fiery passion, late-night conversations, and shared laughs, you may feel like your partner could be the one. However, you may also have lingering questions in the back of your mind: Is this person the one for me? Will this relationship last, or will it fall apart like all of my previous relationships?

While some people turn to astrologists and horoscopes for advice concerning life decisions or lovers, a tarot reading from a reputable site takes your analysis to the next level. You'll feel confident in your relationship and have a complete understanding of your future with your current crush or partner.

Things to Avoid When Getting a Free Love Tarot Reading

Connecting with a psychic through a website can feel strange, intimidating, or even embarrassing, depending on your current life circumstances. Many users aren't sure how to initiate contact or how psychics can help them at all.

To ensure that you get a quality tarot card reading, avoid a spammy, fraudulent, or poorly-reviewed website at all costs. More than likely, this type of site will provide you with a generic response, then charge you far more than you intended to pay. At best, you'll get stuck with a vague message that you can then overthink and attempt to apply to your circumstances. Unfortunately, the internet is full of these kinds of sites, so each user should proceed with caution.

As mentioned before, don't expect your reading to work like a cosmic Magic 8 Ball. While your psychic will have plenty of information to share with you and may even help you come to a decision regarding your current circumstances, you won't get a clear "Yes," "No," or "Try Again Later" from your spread.

With that in mind, avoid asking yes-or-no questions or queries about other people. Instead, come with an open mind and specific requests that invite clarity and direction, like, "How can I improve my love life?" or, "Tell me more about my relationship with my partner."

If your psychic provides an analysis that you don't understand, you can also ask for more information from the spread. Take the time to soak in the message and let your inner wisdom guide you.

Finally, avoid settling on the first psychic you match with. Each user may need to try one, two, three, or even more psychics before landing on one with the experience, skills, and communication style you want. Thankfully, you can narrow down your search by using the filtering options available on each site reviewed in this article.

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