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Psychic Text Readings VS Psychic Calls Sessions

Psychic Text Readings VS Psychic Calls Sessions

We live in a different world than what we did 20 years ago. Everything has become more accessible, that you literally don’t need to step out of the house to run errands or get to a service provider. Everything comes to your doorstep, including services that once were a mission to find.

Apart from the obvious quintessential services we are all accustomed to, there’s a huge niche that has been breaking borders for the past two decades and that is online psychic readings. The days of having to physically go out and find a trusted psychic in another town or even country is long gone.

The New Revolution

New online text reading service providers have emerged in the past two decades; recognizing the need for spiritual guidance through a private, safe, and trusted medium. Such apps, like Kasamba, source only the best, experienced, and trust psychics; making sure you don’t get scammed out of your hard earned cash.

What Do These Services Offer?

In the beginning of this “virtual” revolution, psychic call sessions were on the rise. This helped people keep a certain degree of anonymity as they weren’t any longer seen physically visiting a psychic store.

As the dynamic, technological evolved and advanced, such service providers who wanted to keep up with the times, took this a step further and implemented an enhanced psychic text reading feature.

This feature works like popular text apps such as Whatsapp; enabling the user to connect with a psychic via text, anytime, and from anywhere in the world.

There are stark differences between psychic text readings and psychic call sessions. Here’s a full breakdown on how both of these mediums operate.

What Is The Preferred Choice?

When it comes to psychic text readings vs psychic call sessions, more and more users are leaning towards the chat option. Apart from the fact that’s fast and accessible, it also serves as a private zone where users can voice their innermost concerns without being judged. A good psychic text app gives security, and a great user experience as far as easy navigation is concerned.

Psychic calls on the other hand, were a great idea once upon a time. It’s expensive since you have to use a line to call, and that too costs money. What’s more, you also run the risk of being overheard, and having both your private information and details compromised since the psychic will have access to this easily.

Psychic Text Readings

Psychic text readings have been around for a while, and have jumped in popularity owing to the global need for virtual services. There are key advantages for this type of reading and is the preferred method for online psychic service providers. Here’s why;

How To Initiate a Psychic Text Reading?

Psychic text readings are available through the internet, either from a desktop or an app. Some of the most refined and enhanced service providers use user-friendly apps for this feature and continue to work on enhancing the chat experience. Look at Kasamba as an example. They always come out with app updates, fixes, and features.

To find a good psychic app, simply search this in your smartphone’s store. There will be a huge choice of apps to choose from. To find the best Psychic apps that people trust.

Get a psychic reading with 3 free minutes

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • 100% secure. You wont get scammed. If the app itself is trusted, you will be able to pay for psychic services and get what you paid for. All payment processing is done on the app, and gives you convenience of initiating a chat session straight away.
  • 100% anonymous. Unlike psychic call sessions where the psychic most probably has your personal details such as your phone number, using a psychic text service lets you stay private. Like this, you lessen the risk of being targeted by scammers and you also won't feel judged since the psychic you connect with won’t know any personal detail about you. Also, having a psychic text session is private in itself, that no one will be able to hear your conversation like on a phone.
  • Chat from anywhere, anytime. This is the best practice, because sometimes people need answers instantaneously, or have run into a situation where they need guidance. You don't need to book in advance to chat to a psychic, you can simply register, find a psychic , and chat right away.
  • You get to connect with psychics from all over the world. Kasamba has top-rated psychics that come from all walks of life and have valuable experience under their belt.
  • You pay by the minute. Most good apps have the ability to charge the customer by the minute. Meaning, if after 5 minutes you get the insights you need, you can end the session at your discretion. Unlike other psychic providers that make you pay by session, where most of the time, that time frame is not even necessary What's more, the best apps give 3 minutes free for every new psychic advisor you chat to; giving you the chance to connect without having to fork out money from when the timer starts.
  • You get to see real-time reviews. Thanks to the app’s functionality, you can also see real reviews for each psychic. Like this, you can get a sense on whether a psychic would be a good match for you or not.
  • You can save the readings. Another popular feature of psychic chat readings is that you get to keep all your psychic chat reading transcripts, giving you the ability of going back to them whenever you like. Not all popular psychic apps have this feature, but you can find it on Kasamba.


While psychic call sessions revolutionized the way we get insights and spiritual guidance, it is not as technologically advanced as psychic chat readings. The beauty is that mostly everyone owns a smartphone or laptop and will find it easier to source a good, tried and tested psychic online as opposed to calling a psychic that you virtually know nothing about. The path to love and happiness has just gotten easier thanks to the modern times we live in.

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