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Tvidler Reviews (Scam or Legit) - Limited Time Promo: 50% Off Ear Wax Cleaner

tvidler (kapil)

Are you searching for a safe and better approach for cleaning your ears and disposing of wax? In case you are utilizing cotton swabs to clean earwax, it is high time to stop because they can damage your ears including the eardrum and it is related with signs and symptoms like ringing sensation in the ears, torment, dizziness and hearing loss. These are very discomforting and no one likes to pass through such difficulties. Luckily, we have a protected and solid technique for removing earwax and cleaning the ear. The Tvidler is an effective ear cleaner for removing earwax without any injury. It is a more secure and effective option in contrast to other ear cleaning devices. This tool is completely genuine and you can get it after going through some of its outstanding features and benefits. Furthermore, there are many client reviews mentioned on the site that have utilized the item and have seen positive outcomes to see. Read this review to know more about this ear cleaner. So, let’s get started.

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What is Tvidler?

Tvidler is newly launched earwax cleaner that protects the ears from wax build up. It has an excellent ultra soft silicone tip that will not harm the ear channels. This tool can rotate 360 degrees inside the ears to ensure full clearance of earwax. The body of this tool is made of premium a grade quality plastic material that fits well into the hands. Each bundle of Tvidler comes with additional six (6) soft twisting silicone tips. Henceforth, you can utilize it as long as you wish. During each cleaning process, you have to use more than one tip for various cleaning sessions and this tool is specially intended to last for a lifetime. In addition, this ear cleaner is eco-friendly to nature and your pocket as well. A single buy will deal with your ear efficiency for a long time to come.

How Does This Ear Cleaner Works?

Tvidler is an ear-cleaning device that is exceptionally simple to utilize and anybody can utilize it. You just need to insert it into your ear, rotate it and afterward take it out. You need not any specialized information to utilize this device. Hold from the top point of ear with one hand and pull your auricle distantly upwards. Insert this wax cleaner in your ear and rotate it. The cleaner has grooves that will remove all soil and wax from your ear that you would not be able to pull out from other methods. You have to clean the device and then repeat the method until no soil and wax comes out. You would then be able to clean the device, let it dry and store it in a safe spot while waiting for the next use. Tvidler will eliminate all the dry wax from your ear and clean each and every side of your ear channel. Prior to inserting the tool inside your ear for the second or third time, clean it well so it does not return any soil into your ear.

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Tvidler tool is exceptionally compact and lightweight. It is truly comfortable to carry. Even the whole pack with the included an additional six tips is extremely simple to carry. You can take it anywhere you need. Utilizing this tool is helpful as cotton swab, yet it is more secure than cotton swab.


This tool has an exceptionally soft spiral silicone head that can rotate openly in your ear canal without causing any injury. Not at all like cotton swabs that can push earwax further and surprisingly penetrate the eardrum, Tvidler was outfitted with a soft high-grade spiral silicone head that can go further into the ear without piercing the tympanic layer. Each bundle comes with additional six soft silicone tips. The silicone head is additionally detachable.


This earwax remover device is made of premium grade quality plastic materials that guarantee amazing grip. It won't ever slip off from your hands nor cause any injury.


The adaptable tip with spiral grooves of this tool ensures complete removal of earwax and protects your ear from wax build up. Its capacity to rotate in your ears empowers it to eliminate any build-ups of wax on the sides of your ear and this forestalls infections that may go with oil collection in your ears.


It doesn't add to plastic waste since one Tvidler can serve you for a lifetime. Unlike cotton swabs that you use once and discard, this tool was made of high- materials to allow you to utilize it repeatedly. Interestingly, one Tvidler can serve at least two individuals. The producer was environmentally cautious while creating this tool to avoid from ever-increasing gathering of plastic waste.

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  • This earwax cleaner is definitely, adaptable and easy to utilize
  • Having a solid grip ensures the individual’s safety when cleaning with this device
  • Anybody, from young people to grown-ups, can utilize this device easily
  • The Spiral Silicone tip works better than other earwax removers do
  • This Tool eliminates more earwax than a cotton swab does
  • As an earwax-cleaning tool, it is both ecologically sustainable and time-effective
  • The delicate tips of Tvidler help to protect the ears from injury
  • It could be utilized to clean wax, as well as to control moistness and solidification


  • This tool is not intended for minors and youngsters
  • Avoid inserting head tips into the nostril or somewhere else on the body
  • It is highly recommended that you don’t apply too much force into the ear channel
  • Stay away from utilization in cases of ear drainage, discharge, torment, aggravation, sensitivity or rash
  • If you have faced problems like ear injury, hole in the eardrum or pain after ear medical procedure then you must stop using it

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How to Use?

It is extremely easy and simple to utilize. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Insert the tip into the ear: This ear cleaner requires no extra power. You need to insert the soft spiral tip of this ear cleaner into the ears. Applying excessive power might cause harm to your ear.
  • Rotate and pull to eliminate the wax: Rotating the tip of the device allows it to eliminate the earwax particularly the ones on the walls of the canal. Additionally, do not apply too much power here since it is not required.
  • Replace or wash the tip: Now that you have pulled the tip, you need to either clean it and reuse or replace it with one more tip to keep cleaning the ears until you are finished removing all the wax or debris inside the ears. After each cleaning ensures that, you wash each and every tip utilized so they will be prepared for the next use.

Where to Buy?

Tvidler ear cleaner can be purchased only from its official site. Buying from the official site is the only place where you are totally assured that you are getting a genuine product. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which shows that the item truly works. In the event that you buy it and you feel unsatisfied with this product, then you can request for a full refund and you'll get your cash back without any inquiries asked. At the point when you buy more than one ear cleaner on the web, you will enjoy huge discounts from the maker.


In general, Tvidler is a successful option in contrast to the ineffective cotton swabs. In addition to removing earwax, this particular device deserves admire for its design and cleanliness factors that the previous altogether needs. However, cotton swabs are cheap and they cause more harm. In light of everything, what truly attracted us to Tvidler are the extra spiral heads and the fact that they can easily be separated and washed. Luckily, the company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases, making the deal practically risk-free. Right now, there are various discounts and deals on the official website of the producer. Hurry and snatch your own earwax cleaner before it runs out of stock!

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